MAD Fellows is a technology and scientific research company based in the heart of northern Arizona and Claremont, California. We can take on a wide range of projects thanks to a diverse and skilled team working in an environment that supports a rapid, free exchange of ideas. We specialize in bringing your idea to reality, and back again! We work with you throughout the course of the project, eliminating the need for an in house research and development department. When we are done, you will have a piece of software or hardware that is ready for release. We can even line up contracted manufacturing saving you the hassle and letting you focus on other elements of your business. Coming back with a new idea? We can work with updating, upgrading, and renovating existing designs or streamline a manufacturing process. We also offer quantitative analytic services that include data mining and predictive modeling. We love a juicy data set as much as you'll love our results.

At MAD Fellows we take great pride in our involvement with the scientific community and the opensource community. It is a great opportunity to give back while at the same time developing our own skill sets. MAD Fellows is committed to publicly releasing the fruits of our internal research and development projects. This includes scientific papers, keynote presentations, tutorials, code, and software.

We have a few ways to get in touch or just follow our work. You'll can learn a lot about who we are and what we do with a quick look through this page or follow us on our blog or twitter to get to know us even better. Feel free to leave a comment or link to us, we would love to hear from you. Need to reach us? For inquiries or to contact us about our development services give us a call (928)227-3120 9A-5P MST Monday through Friday or E-mail us at anytime. If you are interested in collaborating on our scientific work or one of our opensouce releases we would love to hear from you too. We currently work with several individuals outside of MAD Fellows and are always looking to meet other like minded individuals. To help us direct correspondence better please write us at You can find more information about scientific work and projects on the projects page or our blog.

Welcome from MAD Fellows

From idea to reality, and back again!